Lilly Pond reveal at xxxxxxx conference

Partying Partying

Then everyone came into the dining room and we could forget about talking -- the table was loaded with tons of presents, mostly for Harry, and then the food came and the songs, and the dancing and the play -- local actors did a couple of comedy scenes for us all -- and after that, it was totally kid time and you know how that is, so we gave in and went for the ribbons and tore off the wrapping paper like everyone else.

From Harry, I got a tie.

I know what you're thinking -- another tie, and you're right, but with a twist -- my longtime buddy had given me a tie that had been signed and given to him by another longtime buddy, my fave rave of the Big 4 -- Ringo Starr!

I had it and the box and wrappings mounted in a shadowbox by my framer -- I'm a professional artist by trade as well as other stuff -- and it has a very special place in my studio!

I gave him some handpainted tee-shirts, sweatshirts and a couple of paintings, but it wasn't the same! What a tie! And not only that, but when I tried to get another one of the same tie from the same manufacturer, so I could have one to wear that didn't have to get unmounted out of a frame whenever I decided to dress up all fancy, I found out that they had only one left -- their sample -- which they promptly and so kindly shipped to me. I wear the Escher Bird Tie now & then on special days.