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My longtime friend Harry Nilsson (from 1967 to 1994) scored this 1970 Videoclip -- "Without Her" -- which he'd originally cut for Capitol but after they fudged around for a year, he, with the help of friends, bought back his contract along with the master of this cut...and went on to RCA and fame as "Harry Who...?". I went on to even greater personal obscurity. He called me "The Best Kept Secret in America".

Monkee Spectacular/Tiger Beat/Mod Teen writer/photographer E.J. Gold Presents:
A Personal Hollywood Scrapbook
All Photos (c)1967-2000 by E.J. Gold. All Rights Reserved.

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My friend Bob Segarini is still at it -- and still great!!! Check out the moves the Old Guy (we're the same age) is making! These days when I wake up, I check the obit column in the papers -- if my name isn't in there, I get up and start the day.
Sessions 1965-74
Sessions 1966-74
Harry in 1993
Harry in 1993
Free Audio Samples
Free Audio Samples
Cynthia Henderson
Cynthia Henderson
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Important note: I have never made a penny from anything I ever did with Harry; these photos and stories are placed here for the public benefit. Any use or reproduction of any and all items posted here is strictly forbidden without permission, which I have never failed to grant when done with proper credit & copyright notices. :) I'm easy, ask me, I just want to know what's being done with the stuff.

My friend Judy Henske and I used to hang out in the Village in the fifties...I worked with Peter and Antonia Stampfel at the Village Playhouse, Gertie's Folk City, Cafe Wha, and of course the Golden Apple across the street from the Apollo Theatre on Broadway in West Harlem. Dave van Ronk, Shep Sherbell and Chester Anderson also numbered among my close friends.

Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones promoting Harry Nilsson's The Point in 1977...in england. Harry's London flat was notorious for mysterious deaths which occurred when Harry was not in London. The address was "Number 9...Number 9...Number 9...."

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